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Rent A Man Remodels Durango Fastsigns What a fun and exciting job. We met Laurie Sigillito (owner of Fastsigns <>) when we used their services to print us a poster for advertising. We were impressed with her professionalism and integrity. When she asked us to bid on her business remodel we felt very honored. This was a great opportunity for us. The idea of having a downtown Durango project was exhilarating. There were many challenges with this opportunity. The remodeling project needed to be completed in 14 days, the timeframe was over the holidays, and we were short staffed. Its a good thing that we strive on challenges. After spending many hours crunching numbers and many site visits, we were awarded the project.

We knew that the proper planning wound be key to success in this remodeling venture. After much work, we were confident that we could come in on budget and most importantly, on time, as there was a business that needed to reopen.


The weekend before closure, there was an opportunity to start some of the work, as long as it wouldn’t upset any of their daily operations the following week. We jumped on that. Spending that weekend tearing out an office and the flooring also gave us time to evaluate and get our minds prepared for the following remodel. “14 days, including Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve!” We knew this would be a fun challenge. Like most projects, the demolition was fun; although on this job there were more challenges. We also brought on some trades contractors to help us complete the remodel on time. We had great drywall, flooring, and painting contractors that allowed us to focus on the demo, electrical, framing, trim and cabinets.


Fastsigns is filled with expensive printing equipment and complex computer systems. Keeping the dust down and covering the equipment with plastic was imperative. Demolition and construction is a very dirty and dusty process.


With many long days and late nights, we completed the remodel on time and within the budget. I was there for the reopening for any questions or concerns that they might have and to make sure everything was just as they wanted it. It was a great Rent A Man project, we really enjoyed this downtown Durango remodel.


-Eric Sirois

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